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Motorola SLR8000


The SLR 8000 has been engineered for high performance, reliability and flexibility. It offers 100 watts of transmit power with a high sensitivity reciever, 64 channels and 12V or 24V DC power options.
This next generation of repeater can support the full spectrum of MOTOTRBO systems from a single site conventional up to Connect Plus and including Motorola’s new Capacity Max. It can also operate as an analogue repeater (conventional or MPT 1327), or as a mixed mode analogue/digital repeater while companies transition from legacy analogue systems to digital.
The SLR 8000 is flexible and can be customised. There are options for an internal preselector, antenna relay module, an internal wireline card, 4-wire audio and additional external inputs. Power can be supplied as AC, DC or AC with battery fallback and there is an in-built 5A battery charger.
The repeater has been designed for easy maintenance with field replaceable units and front located system and fan controls allowing the repeater to stay within its rack even whilst being serviced. The 2U unit can be mounted in a rack with no ventilation requirements too.

• VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-470 MHz)
• 64 Channels
• RF Output Power: DC (24 V) or AC 1-100 W or DC (12 V) 1-50 W
• 100% duty cycle at full power
• Input Power Modes: AC only, DC only, AC with Battery Revert
• Can Offer Continuous Full Transmit Power of 100W
• Integrated 5A Battery Charger
• Interface for battery back-up and charge
• Integrated Power Supply
• Repeater Diagnostics and Control
• Repeater disabled
• Field Replaceable Parts
• Supports Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus,, Capacity Max, Connect Plus, Analogue Conventional, Analogue Conventional Voting, MPT 1327
• 2U Height
• Weight 14.1 kg, Dimensions (H x W x D) (89 x 483 x 370 mm)
• No self quieting frequency requirements
• Validated through Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing program
• Low power consumption & cost of ownership
• Application developers kit

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