New Motorola Model released – DP3661e

TRBOnet enterprise 5.1 released
January 30, 2017
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New Motorola Model released – DP3661e

DP3661e Radio

Meet the new member of the MOTOTRBO family, the DP3661e.

The DP3661e is a display and limited keypad version of the popular DP3441e.  It is part of the enhanced “e” range with all the benefits the great “e” series range brings to the table.  The display and reduced keypad allows users to send and receive text messages, view battery life status, look at the notification list along with channel and feature settings.  The radio also offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GNSS, TIA certification, an IP68 rating and a full fleet of accessories including a high capacity battery.

Meet the DP3661e

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