TRBOnet Bluetooth App is released

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October 29, 2016
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January 30, 2017
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TRBOnet Bluetooth App is released

Bluetooth Text Messenger for Android

TRBOnet is excited to introduce our new Bluetooth Text Messenger. This feature will allow you to connect an Android device to your mobile or portable radio via Bluetooth (model dependent) so you have a larger display screen.  This gives the user the ability to send and receive text, alerts, Job Tickets or any messages able to be received by your radio. Even if your radio doesn’t have a display screen, if it’s Bluetooth enabled you’re in business.


  • Support for display and non-display MOTOTRBO radios
  • Receives and sends messages via a radio channel
  • Text message history
  • Shows the delivery status
  • Custom contact book
  • Auto-reconnect to the radio
  • Sound and push-notifications
  • Portrait and landscape screen orientation


Contact us for more details.

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