New MOTOTRBO CPS released.

MOTOTRBO, now marine certified
October 29, 2016
New TRBOnet Enterprise release!
October 29, 2016
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New MOTOTRBO CPS released.

Motorola have released a new version of their MOTOTRBO CPS programming software, version 13.6.

More features and bug fixes when used with the new firmware.

What's new in this release?

  • - Support for AT commands via Bluetooth
  • - ARS support in the DP1400, DM1400 and SL1600
  • - Audio Feedback Supressor support in the DP1400, DM1400 and SL1600
  • - Flashing LED indication of Radio Management job status (green okay; amber busy; red failed)
  • - Language profile added to the DP1400, DM1400 and SL1600
  • - Optional frequency restrictions
  • - Radio Management licence HKVN4065A no longer needed

The version numbering scheme has changed, needed to support new and future products.

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